Cenaura Robotic Farms

The Cenaura robotic farm is a modular and portable vertical production environment engineered for growing a wide variety range of greens in all environments and climates.

Smart Climatization

Automatic monitoring and control of air temperature, humidity, CO2 and Air Quality within precise tolerances for optimal growth of the produce.

Smart Fertigation

The automatic pH mixing system continuously measures the pH value and makes precise adjustments to stay within the limits for the specific plants.

Smart Irrigation

Automated water and nutrient irrigation control ensures that the plants get the exact amount of water they need along with the right balance of nutrients.

Smart Lumination

Automated monitoring and control of lighting to render specific lighting pattern recipes, giving the plants the intensity, and frequency they need for photosynthesis.

Smart Harmonization

Acoustically engineered spaces produce special harmonics to boost plant growth. The vibrations from these harmonics stimulate and promote healthy growth.

The Future of Farming is Here


water Saving

Offering fully automated growing appliances in different sizes of 5 feet, 10 feet, 20 feet and 40 feet. They are made with fully weather sealed, PUF insulated meterials, to ensure an optimally controlled environment for growing a variety of greens.

Plant Growing Appliances

The robotic farms comes with intelligent plant aura management system for lighting, irrigation, temperature, humidity, pH, nutrient and carbon dioxide. The farm provides an optimum growing environment for plants to flourish in a controlled environment, thanks to the data driven computing environment for micro climate management.

Finally, a Perfect App that Works for You!