Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled environment Agriculture is an intensive form of technology where hydroponically grown crops are maintained under the optimal growing conditions by protection from the outdoor elements.

Cenaura Cultivator Cubes​

The Cenaura Cultivator Cubes, re-engineered shipping containers, are modular and portable vertical production environments for growing a wide range of greens, across any weather conditions

Precision Engineered Cultivator Appliances

Cenaura Cultivator Cubes enable growers to achieve constant production of vegetables all year around. The cubes utilize artificial control of light, temperature, moisture and carbon dioxide concentrations to enable quality and consistency.

  • Hyperlocal Farming at any place, every climate
  • Round the year efficient production
  • Configurable as Hydroponic or Aeroponic setup
  • Sterile cleanroom type operation
  • Highest quality and tastiest produce
  • Savings of 95% on water resources
  • Clean produce – no pesticides or fungicides
  • Protection from outside elements for predictability
  • Sustainable Farming – Renewable Energy Sources
  • Customize taste, color, texture and turgidity

Micro Climate Management

Intelligent control automation takes care of lighting, irrigation, temperature, humidity, pH, nutrient, and carbon dioxide. The plants flourish in controlled hydroponics or aeroponics environment, thanks to the data-driven growing recipes.

Controlled Environment Agriculture, Hydroponic Farming


Smart Climatization

Automatic monitoring and control of air temperature, humidity, CO2 and Air Quality within precise tolerances for optimal growth of the produce

Smart Lumination

Automated monitoring and control of lighting to render specific lighting pattern recipes, giving the plants the intensity, and frequency they need for photosynthesis

Smart Fertigation

Automatic dosing system continuously measures the pH and EC values, to make precise adjustments to stay within the limits as per the plant growing recipes

Smart Irrigation

Automated water and nutrient
irrigation control ensures that
the plants get the exact amount
of nutrient water, while also
recycling and purifying

Plant Factory ensures higher food production vis-a-vis efforts required and it makes production possible even in areas where it is difficult or not possible. The important factors that play a key role in the success of a plant factory are crop selection, lighting selection, and design.

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