Vertical Farming in a Plant Factory

Greenhouse vegetables

Plant factories are ideal for carrying out vertical farming as the environment parameters are controlled to suit the farming requirements. Vertical farming is a environmentally favorable solution to increase productivity per area. These multiple stacked layers of planting can be configured to suit the scale of the plant factory. Vertical farming in a plant factory being an emerging industry needs to be cohesively integrated with the urban regulations and management.

Vertical farming is cost intensive technique; hence, the selling price of the produce needs to be high in order to be cost effective. This added value can be generated by ensuring the product is of desired high quality and marketed to select customers by using a good business model. Most of the companies venturing into plant factory landscape are positioning themselves as technology providers rather than growers. Awareness of the potential benefits of the plants grown in a plant factory have to highlighted for wide spread adoption of this innovative farming technique.

The goal achievement of productivity, profitability, and sustainability of vertical farms in a plant factory requires coordination of several factors such as adoption of innovative technology, agile business practices, and management. As more and more varieties of plants are genetically modified and developed to suit the plant factory environment, these plant factories can justify their key role in development of holistic urban agriculture.