Controlled Environment Agriculture

Sustainable organic precision farming technology

Cenaura’s full service technology platform revolves around four major levers to drive local ecosystems of sustainable organic farming, which when scaled up can drive  improvements in the farm economy.

Why Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Benefits of CEA

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

The Fully Controlled Plant Factory, re-engineered shipping containers, are modular and portable vertical production environments for growing a wide range of greens, across any weather conditions. The Axalyn Plant Factory enables growers to achieve constant production of vegetables all year around. The Plant Factory utilizes artificial control of light, temperature, moisture and carbon dioxide concentrations to enable quality and consistency.
PFNL is an aerated structure designed with a transparent material, in which the crops can be grown in partially controlled climatic conditions.  A typical PFNL plant factory is made of a translucent material that allows sunlight to enter through films for the process of photosynthesis. The main purpose of the structure is to maintain a favorable indoor climate while making the most out of natural resources like sunlight.


CEA increases a farm's production efficiency by shortening the growth cycle and increasing plant density


Plants are automatically provided accurate input variables of nutrients and fertilizer dosage at predetermined intervals in the container.


By placing container farms closer to the consumers who will consume the produce which is grown locally.


CEA eliminates the impacts of climate, location, and seasonality, allowing you to have any produce you choose at any time of year and in any area.


Traceability ensures that the steps can be traced backwards and forwards at any point in the supply chain.This enables quick corrective actions when a food quality issue is discovered.

Water Conservation

CEA can save 70 to 90 percent more water than soil due to its efficiency. Water circulates throughout the system, allowing plants to absorb more of the water they require for active metabolism.

Our Controlled Environment Farm Automation Systems

Axalyn Dynamics is a business division of Cenaura Technologies and that offers a range of Controlled Environment Agriculture technologies for plant factories, Indoor farms and Container farms.