Plant Factory with Artificial Lighting (PFAL)

PFNL is an aerated structure designed with a transparent material, in which the crops can be grown in partially controlled climatic conditions. A typical PFNL plant factory is made of a translucent material that allows sunlight to enter through films for the process of photosynthesis. The main purpose of the structure is to maintain a favorable indoor climate while making the most our of natural resources like sunlight. It is a solution for alternative farming that generates good yield, quality produce and better incomes for the farming community.

Artificial Lighting

Multi Controller

Nutrient Dispenser

Grow Light Controller

Plant Factory under Natural Lighting (PFNL)

The Plant Factory is an ideal option to implement Smart Controlled Environment Agriculture techniques. The concept of growing food with indoor hydroponic gardening is localization, sustainability, and reduction of the carbon footprint. Re-engineered shipping containers are modular and portable vertical production environments for growing a wide range of greens.

Natural Lighting

Climate Controller

Irrigation Controller

Dosing Controller

Climate Sensor

Environmental Sensor