Shipping Container Farms – Benefits & Opportunities

Hydroponic Container, shipping container farm

A shipping Container Farm is an ideal option to implement Smart Controlled Environment Agriculture Techniques. The microclimate management inside the container is done automatically through sensors and controllers to provide a customized optimum growing environment for a variety of plants. Thus, shipping container farms provide a suitable growing environment for plants throughout the year.

Farming is one of the diverse opportunities associated with shipping containers. Refurbished shipping containers are available at low prices and they are suitable to start a hyper-local agricultural farm which can provide healthy, nutritious fresh food in areas unsuitable for growing food. These shipping containers thus help in the reduction of the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of food to areas where traditional agricultural practices are unsuitable.

The multi-modality nature of the shipping containers makes them suitable for transportation through different modes of transport. This feature makes the container farms to be easily transportable and stackable. The uniformity of their size facilitates easy installation of pre-fabricated vertical hydroponic systems which are easily accessible from the central walking path inside the container. Container farming incorporating a fully automated process is less labor-intensive than traditional farming and all other indoor farming techniques thereby allowing the grower to focus on business side of operations and other entrepreneurial activities.