Controlled Environment Agriculture

hydroponics, controlled agricultural environment

Controlled Environment Agriculture Hydroponic System is a system of growing crops without soil, often called soilless farming. It is one among the top 5 sustainable and eco- friendly farming practices in the agriculture environment. In this controlled environment agriculture (CEA) methodology the negative aspects of environment destruction which are associated with modern agriculture techniques are […]

Agricultural Automation

Agricultural automation, hydroponics

Agricultural Automation Agricultural automation is the need of the hour to optimise food production process, improve quality and enrich farmer’s lives. Robotic Farming System the catch word for agriculture of future intelligent farms consists of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber -Physical Systems, IOT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, etc. Robotic farming equipment consist of robotic drone tractors, flying […]

Container Farming

Container Farming The introduction of container farming techniques in the last decade which caters to the hyper-local market is gaining prominence because of its small carbon footprint. The fully contained structure allows year-round growth regardless of the outside environment. Other benefits include less use of water than traditional farming as well as the lack of […]

Autonomous Farming

autonomous farming, hydroponics

Autonomous Farming Cenaura Smart Farms are autonomous farming appliances that allow hobby and commercial growers alike to leverage technology for production of clean, safe, healthy and nutritious food. The Smart Farms are shipping containers converted for sustainable dense farming. This farming methodology allows growing plants in rows and columns inside a fully weather sealed custom […]

Multiple Crops, One Solution

multiple crops solution, hydroponics

Multiple Crops, One Solution The Cenaura FreightPod is a modular and portable vertical production environment engineered for growing a wide variety range of horticultural, floriculture and agricultural products in all environments and climates. The pod provides an optimum growing environment for plants to flourish in a controlled environment, thanks to the data driven computing environment […]