Autonomous Farming

autonomous farming, hydroponics

Cenaura Smart Farms are autonomous farming appliances that allow hobby and commercial growers alike to leverage technology for production of clean, safe, healthy and nutritious food.

The Smart Farms are shipping containers converted for sustainable dense farming. This farming methodology allows growing plants in rows and columns inside a fully weather sealed custom freight container. The Smart FreightPods consume minimal space compared to traditional open farms.

There are several advantages to these farms as they are compact, modular, portable, stackable, self-contained and fully automated, except for a few manual activities. There are other tangible benefits too. They consume up to 90% less water, up to 80% less nutrient costs and up to 70% less labour costs. This offers a good business opportunity for people looking to start hydroponic farming within urban areas or people with small land holdings. Container farming can be done anywhere with access to water, power and 3G/ 4G/ Broadband Internet connectivity.