Agricultural Automation

Agricultural automation, hydroponics

Agricultural automation is the need of the hour to optimise food production process, improve quality and enrich farmer’s lives. Robotic Farming System the catch word for agriculture of future intelligent farms consists of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber -Physical Systems, IOT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, etc. Robotic farming equipment consist of robotic drone tractors, flying robots to spread fertiliser, fruit picking robots, robots for cattle grazing and milking, etc.

Agriculture robots which are also known as farmbots are a combination of cartesian coordinate robot farming machine ,software and data  aiming to aid everyone to grow food and to grow food for everyone. The challenges for developing an autonomous farming robots are complex as it is difficult to model each environment , crop and task and hence holistic strategies need to be developed to enable the robot to learn and / or adapt to new tasks and working conditions.

Many studies are being carried out to project the economic benefits of agricultural automation and the optimal farm size is shown as an important criterion to match with the automation capability provided by the manufacturers.  Almost all of the studies were able to find some scenarios in which automated field operations with a human equipment operator or autonomous field operations were profitable.